Spam in Commenting Plugin

We are running Omeka 1.5.1 and using the Commenting 1.0 plugin. We've been successfully using the comments for over a year. However, in the past few days we've noticed an increase in spam. We recently upgraded our servers, and are wondering if that could have impacted spam filtering.

Also is there any way to delete spam from admin? Currently there just seems to be a report as spam link, but no way to remove the spam. The issue here is that the spam is very lengthy. While scrolling through dissertation length spam, it's easy to miss legitimate comments.


Do you have super level permissions in your installation?

You should be able to delete the comments from going to the Comments tab in the Dashboard if the plugin was configured to allow your user permission level to moderate comments.

If not, you may need to ask that whomever configured the plugin can adjust the configuration to allow others to moderate comments.

As for spam, it's hard to know what's happened. I would just be sure that your Akismet and ReCaptcha keys are correct and up-to-date.

Thanks for the response. I'll check to make sure the Aksimet and ReCaptcha keys are correct and up-to-date. However, I still don't see an option to delete comments from the admin side. I am a super level user, but all I see are

Report Spam
Report Ham

No delete button.

Ok while my commenting says it's version 1.0, it's different from the 1.5 compatible version on github. It looks like that version has the ability to delete comments.

So I downloaded version 1.0 from, but it is the same version that I already had installed. Then I downloaded the version on github that looks like it will have the ability to delete comments from I installed this and upgraded my plugin to this version 1.1. However, while it looked like it successfully installed, it wouldn't let me delete or approve comments from admin. When I clicked on those links nothing happened. Any thoughts? Is the version from github functional? Or is it not working, and that's why is it different from the version you can download on the Omeka site?

Thanks again,

Ignore most of the last post I think I got the stable-1.5 version working. I think when I copied and replaced the folders not everything copied over the old version. By deleting commenting 1.0, and then installing 1.1 I was able to get it working.

I am now able to delete comments and moderate old comments from the admin side. However, any new test comment I put in is not showing up in the admin. I think this might be the result of some modifications I've made to our site. But if you are aware of any outstanding issues in stable-1.5 that could be causing problems let me know.


So while investigating why I can't comment if I have the stable-1.5 version, I went back through the change history between Omeka 1.5 and stable 1.5 ( I can successfully implement the commenting plugin through the version on August 18, 2012.

The version on August 24, 2012 does not allow me to comment. I'll put in a comment, and get the message about it waiting moderation, but when I go to admin it's not there. So I have a couple of questions:

Can I use the version from August 18, 2012 successfully? It seems like it's pretty close to the final product so I don't think there would be any glitches related to it.

Also the version from the 24th says it "Allows plugins to add their own comment forms alongside the default one." We have a custom plugin that creates extra user roles that have varying levels of access on the public site. Could this be causing the comments not to show up in our admin?