Sorting items

I have an issue with sorting items in my DL.

When I add more than one entry (input) under a DC element (e.g., title, creator), it screws the sorting results order. Specifically, for instance, I input a subtitle of an item, along with its title in a separate entry by clicking the "Add Input" button under the DC element, Title. And then, I tried to sort items by title, but I found that the item having the subtitle was sorted by it's subtitle (2nd entry), not by the main title (1st entry).

So, the main issue here is that the system sorts the items by the second entry of each DC element. Do you have any idea to fix this sorting issues?

Do yo think I should remove the second section under a single DC element? I think this solution is going to be the last option because it will take a lot of time to fix all the cases manually.

Any comments?

I can't confirm that issue.

Can you share the info from the "System Information" page of your Omeka install (accessible from the bottom-right of all admin pages)? In particular, the entries under "System" category.

Below is the information you asked:

Omeka 2.0.4
PHP 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.11 (apache2handler)
OS Linux 3.2.0-63-generic x86_64
MySQL Server 5.5.37
MySQL Client 5.5.37
Apache Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu)

With that exact version of MySQL I still can't confirm the issue. Does it happen consistently for different items?

It's possible that simply updating Omeka will solve this issue, but there have been no changes or issues I can remember about this specific kind of problem.

Yes, it happens very consistently for all items. As I mentioned, it happens not only for title, but also for creator.

I think the sorting function is based on the second input of the DC elements, so it should be fixed to be based on the first input.

Please let me know how you think.

One interesting finding here: I just added a third input under the title DC element, and found this item was sorted by the third entry. So, I assume that the system is sorting the items based on the last input.

Do you have any thoughts?

The first thing I'd try is upgrading your Omeka to the latest current version (2.1.4).