sort order of items in user view on hosted

I'm not finding any documentation on how to let users sort items by title in the hosted I do see in the admin view that I can sort by all of the columns. The "sorting results" documentation page says that with 1.3, sorting is available. . . . but I don't know how to configure this if using the .net version. Perhaps I am just being daft and missing the obvious. If I could just get them to sotr by title and date, that would be good.

You're not missing anything. You are only able to sort items in the admin view, not in the public pages.

It is not possible to sort items by title, for example, on public items/browse pages either without some tinkering with the theme's files.

Is this something that could be coming in the future to .net? Or do I need to ask IT to install the self-hosted? I certainly don't mind lots of tinkering, but have very little access per IT.

Could one potentially "tinker with the theme's files" within the themes, in order to sort items by a Dublin Code field?

This can be done by configuring your theme to use custom header navigation, and adding a sort field to the items browse page.

Under Settings -> Themes, hit the Configure button and look for the Custom Header Navigation field.

This will override the default navigation, so you'll need to recreate the navigation for collections, exhibits, and other stuff from plugins (e.g. Simple Pages). Then add something special for Browse Items.

Here's what I put into my custom header navigation:

Browse Items | items?sort_field=Dublin Core,Title
Browse Collections | collections
Browse Exhibits | exhibits

For collections and exhibits, this just recreates the URL as usual. For items, though, the additional part does the sorting. Change 'Title' to whatever for a different field.

Thanks for the response. I did as you suggested (changing 'title' to 'creator') , saved changes, etc. but it did not change the browsing item order. Could you suggest anything else I may need to do?


Sigh. Once I actually selected 'Browse items', all worked as you promised it would. Thanks again. Sorry for the idiocy.

You'll need to add a forward slash to all pages in your custom nav, so it looks like this:

Browse Items | /items?sort_field=Dublin Core,Title
Browse Collections | /collections
et al

You may need to refresh your browser for the full sort to be seen on the public side.

Glad it's working.

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