Sort Items Chronologically?

Is there a way to display items in a collection (or any way really) sorted chronologically based on the entered Dublin Core Date?

My example is that I need to sort news stories based on their publish date. I don't see an obvious way to do this. Am I missing something?

Jeanne Kramer-Smyth
Omeka Project:

Two ways to do this jump out at me: one is to write a plugin that modifies the SQL on the items browse page (you probably don't want to do this), and the other choice is to use the Sort Browse Results plugin that NoisyJerm created a while back:

I haven't tested it with Omeka 1.0, so I'm not sure if it's up-to-date, but perhaps you can try it out and let us know. If NoisyJerm still reads this, perhaps he can jump-in.


What I want to do is have the Collections show page sort in reverse chronological order of when they were added.

For example - on this page, you never notice any new items:

While the browse items page already seems to do this:

I think that the sort browse plugin won't help because it is for browse and not show - right?


You can modify your theme to do this. Change the line:

<?php while (loop_items_in_collection(5)): ?>

to something like:

<?php set_items_for_loop(get_items(array('recent'=>true, 'collection' => collection('id')), 5));
while (loop_items()): ?>

Hopefully something like that should work.

Thanks for the help here: this is a task I wanted to.

I hope the Omeka team will consider some way of supporting this within the core of the application or at least a solid regularly updated plugin that comes with it: it would seem a pretty common task to want to set up collections or exhibits that sort their entries by a particular field, especially when doing history projects.

While I'll poke about in the code, I suspect there will be some users who feel less comfortable doing so.

Anyways, thanks again for the help and look forward to hopefully seeing support for sort support in the future (I saw mention of this in the 1.3 release notes, but can't seem to figure it out).

You can determine the order in which to display exhibits (alpha, oldest->newest, newest->oldest) in the updated exhibit builder plugin (1.0) through the admin interface. See the codex, Configuring Exhibits: