"Something went wrong with image creation. Please notify an administrator."


I beg your pardons about my bad english (i'm french). In first, i just want to congratulate developpers of OMEKA.

I have a problem with image import about a new item still image : when i want to upload file, i have an error like title of my post. I change rights about files folder, and the path of ImageMagick is correctly informed (usr/local/bin) and the test indicate : "works". In files folder, i can see my image that it's uploaded, but i have anything in "fullsize", "square_thumbnails" and "thumbnails" folders.

A problem with ImageMagick ?

I give you configuration :
Omeka 1.1
Fedora Core 4 server
ImageMagick 6.5

Thanks for your help.


Have you looked at some of the forum posts on ImageMagick? Such as this one?

Are you able to add any items to the archive, such as documents or other files?

Hello Sheila,

I find my problem with ImageMagick : jpeg and png format are not supported. I must install libraries and reconfigure ImageMagick to see if format is in the list of known format. I saw that because i tried with a gif file and all is correct with this known format. I have no problem with other document (txt, pdf, etc...), just for jpg and png.

Thanks for all