Solr search Status 400 error


I have a problem with the Solr Search plugin. When I'm logged, everything works fine, but when I'm not, any attempt to search gives me this error : Apache_Solr_HttpTransportException '400' Status: Bad Request.

I read this post ( and use the schema.xml with the boolean type for public fields.

In my Solr Logs, I have this error : org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: Invalid Number: true

If I unchecked "Display private items for all user roles with sufficient permission to view them" in the plugin configuration, I have the error even if I'm logged.

Any help or idea on this ?


Problem solved.
Just in case, I needed to change ResultsController.php from

if($limitToPublicItems) {
$query .= ' AND public:"true"';


if($limitToPublicItems) {
$query .= ' AND public:"1"';