SOLR Search plugin question - versions/permissions of SOLR?

It seems that the SOLR Search plugin does not work with anything above SOLR 5 (per the post at the github page)? What is the latest version that it does work with?

Also, is there anything that needs to be changed permission wise in MySQL db? We have ours fairly locked down.

Sorry, if I overlooked that info somewhere.

We have SOLR 5.1.3 running right now on tomcat but I'm hitting problems about invalid paths. I'm just trying to nail down the problem before I start spending too much time investigating. I did update the paths in the system settings for the SOLR Search, but it is still telling me that they are incorrect.

Thanks much. I'm really looking forward to getting SOLR Search working.

Also, totally willing to do some testing, if there is a newer version of the plugin in the works.
Omeka 2.2.2

Hey GeorgisWebGurl,

I had a similar issue, and have stuck with using solr-4.10.3 . I use Bitnami's installer; it's pretty painless:


Thanks so much Fitzgerald. We already have 5.1.3 up and running, so I'm trying to see how I can make things play nicely before I downgrade