SOLR Plugin and SOLR as a service hosts

Hello Everybody,

does anyone know if it is possible to use the SOLR-Plugin with "SOLR as a service hosts" like websolr or solrHQ?

Or does the plugin need a SOLR instance which is installed on the same machine as Omeka?

Best regards, Matthias Einbrodt

Hi Matthias,

Depends...I haven't looked at how those services handle authorization for adding/removing docs, but assuming there isn't an authentication step, this will work out of the box.

Do you have any links to the docs on how these work? We're in the process of sprucing this plugin up and if there's a change that would enable this to work, we can see what it would take to make this change.


Hey Wayne,

good question ... to be honest I don't really now if there are any authorization foreseen by these services.

However, I posted this question in the discussion forum of the websolr-service.

In the meantime, here is the documentation of how to configure different SOLR-Clients to work properly with the websolr-service. I don't know if that already helps.

Best regards, Matthias

Hi Wayne,

I got a response to my question over at the websolr-forum ... here it is:

... Our primary means of security is a random token in the URL to your index. We recommend you treat this URL as sensitively as a database password. Typically, this level of security is more than sufficient when you are running an application that behaves as an authenticating proxy between your users and your search index, which is probably Solr's most common usage scenario.

We do have some more advanced authentication features in alpha testing now, which involve an additional layer of authentication. If you believe you'll need a higher level of security (say, you need to search from JavaScript while requiring authentication to make updates) let me know and we can add you to the alpha. From my quick look at the Omeka SolrSearch plugin source, it doesn't seem like it's doing any querying from JavaScript, so that may not really be necessary for you. ...

Cheers, Matthias