Solr and pagination showing duplicates

The problem is with the SolrSearch plugin and the Omeka pagination when setting the number of SolrSearch results greater than 10. Here is the behavior I'm experiencing.

In the SolrSearch plugin settings the Results Per Page field is set to 30.
- Page 1 of search results: Items #1 - #30
- Page 2 of search results: Items #11 - #40
- Page 3 of search results: Items #21 - #50
- etc...

The actual result set is correct, it is just displaying incorrectly and showing duplicates with the pagination from what I can tell. When I set the Results Per Page high enough to display all the items of a query on a single results page, the whole result set displays correctly.

Just to be sure, I have set the Items Per Page to 30 in the Omeka General Settings so it would match the number set in the SolrSearch plugin settings and the problem persists.