Social Bookmarking Plugin does not appear


I just downloaded the Social Bookmarking plugin files to the plugin directory, but don't see this plugin on my list of available plugins. I am using Omeka v.1.1 and the plugin is v.1.0.



I was not able to reproduce the bug. I too, downloaded Social Bookmarking plugin files to the plugin directory of Omeka v1.1 with plugin v.1.0, but saw the plugin on the plugins page in the admin. I would look inside the SocialBookmarking plugin folder to make sure you have files in there. Does this problem happen for any other plugins that you've downloaded?

Let me know if this helps.


Yes, the files are all in the SocialBookmarking plugin folder. I noticed the same problem with the Geolocation plugin.


Can you successfully install and uninstall any plugins?

Are you sure that you are putting the plugin folders in the correct plugins directory? Perhaps you have two or more omeka projects and are accidentally putting the new plugins folders in the wrong project.

Do you have access to the database via phpMyAdmin? If so, see if the SocialBookmarking plugin is somehow already in the plugins table.

We have only one Omeka project and I have successfully downloaded and installed other plugins in that same plugin folder. I have checked the database via phpMyAdmin and do not see either SocialBookmarking or Geolocation plugins in the plugins table.

Hmmm...other suggestions?



For the problem plugins, does the server have permission to read the plugin folders and all the files within them?

Also, look inside the plugin.ini files of the plugins that do not work. Look at their omeka_minimum_version to make sure that your Omeka version is greater than or equal to it.

Let me know if this works.


The SocialBookmarking plugin requires as a minium, Omeka version 1.0. I am using version 1.1. There is no version specified in the Geolocation plugin.ini.

I talked to our systems administrator and she figured out that both of these plugin folders had "unpacked" themselves inside of another folder with the same name. She removed the unnecessary folders and now I am all set. (Apologies if my explanation does not make sense!)

Thank you for your help.

I'm glad it works.

I'm having a bit of a different install issue here...I have the plugin working, and I can select the icons I want to appear on the site using Configure. But the icons don't show up on any of the item pages, or anywhere on the site. I'm using Omeka 1.1. Is the display of the icons in any way linked to object metadata display? I've tinkered with that somewhat.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Dave,

The display of the icons isn't linked to the object metadata; They should just display at the bottom of the items/show page. I wonder if there's a theme incompatibility issue. What theme are you using? And if your site is publicly accessible, could you provide a link so we can see your site?

I am using a modified version of Berlin for my theme. The exhibit is not public right now, nor are most of the objects. And the site is still definitely a work in progress. But this link will take you to a couple of items that are public, you can check out the Show Item pages and see that the social bookmarking icons do not appear. I do have the plugin configured and several icons selected in Settings.

Thanks for all of your help.

Look in the items/show.php file of your berlin theme and make sure that the following line exists and is NOT commented out:

<?php echo plugin_append_to_items_show(); ?>

Actually, the line wasn't even in there, but I added it and the icons show up now.

Thanks again, you've all been most helpful the past couple of weeks.