Social Bookmarking [plugin] & Berlin [theme]

We try to use the Social Bookmarking plugin in the Berlin theme of our website. The plugin is installed, activated and works fine in the collection webpage, but not on the item's one (show.php).

Although this issue has been addressed before ( it seems that the problem insists in a newer version (2.1.4) of the Berlin theme that we use. When we add the proposed code, then it strips off the remaining code in the public view.

Any help would be useful.


That thread refers to a much older version of the Berlin theme, and won't work with current versions of Omeka.

So, without the added code from that thread, do the bookmark links just not show up at all?

No, without the code it only appears in the collection page, but not in the items.

It might be that the newest version of the Berlin theme (version 2.3) rectifies it, so that'd be the first thing to try. I suspect that there might be something else at work, but let's try the easiest fix of updating the theme first.