Social Bookmarking not appearing in Firefox

I have installed and configured the Social Bookmarking plugin. In Chrome and Safari it appears at the bottom on the page with the icons as you would expect. In Firefox, the heading appears but no icons, just blank. Is there something special that needs to be done for this to work in Firefox?

Thanks for any help.

What version of Omeka, of Social Bookmarking, and of your theme are you using?

Firefox does have an issue with Social Bookmarking and pages with the body id "item", but the plugin tries to work around this, and more recent versions of the themes have moved away from using body IDs.

I am using Omeka 2.1.4, Social Bookmarking 2.0.1, and Firefox 29.0.1. The theme is Thanks, Roy that came with 2.1.4.

Hmm, the particular problem I mentioned shouldn't be an issue with those versions.

It's possible there's some other Firefox-specific issue happening. The Javascript that gets used here comes from an external service, and could have changed also.

Are there any errors listed in Firefox's web console or inspector?

The only error that I cannot trace back to other code is "Error: Permission denied to access property 'toString'.

I wonder if this is just on one computer? I have a number of Firefox addons installed for privacy / security and I find they often block content I wouldn't expect. Many, possibly most of them would block social bookmarks.