SMTP Email for Contribute Plugin

I am using the Contribute plugin. This plugin is supposed to send an e-mail when a contribution is submitted. How do I configure OMEKA?/UBUNTU?/PHP? and tell them what SMTP server to use?
Thanks in advance!

There are a bunch of places where you can configure this (by default, Omeka tries to use sendmail or its equivalent on your server, which can in turn be set up many ways).

One simple way you can configure Omeka to use a specific SMTP server to send mail is by editing the application/config/config.ini file. If you look at the bottom of that file, you'll see a bunch of commented-out lines that explain how to configure Omeka to use SMTP mail.


Thank you for your help. I located the file you suggested. This is how I edited it (well except I replaced **** with my yahoo login and password):

; Default mail using PHP's built-in mail() function.
; mail.transport.type = "Sendmail"

; Uncomment some of the following lines (and comment the above line) to switch
; to SMTP for sending mail through Omeka. Your configuration may not require all
; of the options listed. For more info, see Zend Framework
; documentation on Zend_Mail:
mail.transport.type = "Smtp" = ""
; mail.transport.options.port = ### ; Port number, if applicable.
; = "" ; Local client hostname, e.g. "localhost"
mail.transport.options.auth = "login" ; For authentication, if required.
mail.transport.options.username = "****"
mail.transport.options.password = "****"
mail.transport.options.ssl = "ssl" ; For SSL support, set to "ssl" or "tls"

Unfortunately, I still do not get the emails from the contribute plugin. (I do have the correct info in the plugin config (e.g. my destination e-mail). Do I have the restart my server for this to take effect? Any other suggestions?

Thanks again.

I believe you need to set the port number also.

If you don't set one, we'll use the default of port 25. Some cursory searching indicates that you need to use either 465 or 587 as the port number.


I tried both of the port numbers. Still nothing. Is there a way to see where these messages get stopped?

You should be able to check your Omeka error log and/or server logs for messages related to mail problems, but these will only tell you about mail that fails immediately when you try to send it.

Sending email is a pretty complicated process where things can go wrong at a bunch of stages, many of which are outside of your system.

One immediate thing I'd bring up is that I wasn't aware that Yahoo Mail had SMTP support for normal accounts at all.