Skipped Items from exported CSV

Hi I'm trying import the 603 items from to self-hosted install at I've been successful in downloading a CSV file with all 603 items but, when importing, 274 items were skipped.

To test if there were potential server timeout issues, I exported a CSV with only 92 items. The import skipped 46 items.

Any idea what might be happening?



One possibility is that the request is timing out importing an individual item's files, so that the request to get a file times out, causing that row to be skipped.

Can you tell whether it is the same items being skipped on successive tries? Or if the skipped items have particularly large files?

It does appear that the same items are being skipped on successive tries. I tried to import the 92 item CSV three times, and all three times 46 imported and 46 skipped.

In each case for example this item imported:

And this item was skipped:

They are effectively the same size as one is the front of a postcard and the other is the back.

Thanks for chiming in so quickly.

Ok further sleuthing revealed that the back of the postcard:

when recategorized as a 'still image' instead of a 'document' it imported. Is there a reason that would happen?

That's good sleuthing!

First guess is that there is something amiss in how the CSV header shows the Item Type. Or, alternatively the Item Type metadata between the two sites don't align exactly. If there are Item Type Metadata fields that exist in the original site, but not in the importing site, that could also cause the problem. So, maybe check that the elements in both sites are in sync.

That was it! I renamed one item type and all 603 items imported. Thanks for the help Patrick.