Skills needed to modify theme

I may be developing a website powered by Omeka, for which I would need to customize one of the existing Omeka themes. How difficult is it to customize a theme?

For example, I'm comfortable modifying a Wordpress theme. Modifying the CSS for an Omeka theme seems doable to me. But would customizing an Omeka theme require extensive knowledge of PHP? What's the minimum skill set needed?

Hi Lincoln,

We've designed the theme API to require minimal knowledge of PHP in order to design your Omeka site. So if you're comfortable opening up a WordPress theme and hacking away at CSS, you'll feel comfortable working with an Omeka theme. We currently have 10 themes available to download (, and I'd suggest working off one of these pre-built themes to get started.

To learn more about the structure of a theme and how to edit one, we've released a screencast ( that you'll find helpful.



Thanks for the helpful response. That gives me some confidence in going forward with this project. I'll take a look at the screencast.