size of thumbnails

This is a weird abnormality. I have played with changing the settings a few times--in particular the size of thumbnails. Now I have settled on my ideal size. However, throughout my history of changes, I've uploaded a few items. Each seems to have retained the thumbnail size it got when I made a change. So I have items with thumbnails of all different sizes!!!! In other words, the master setting now, at 150, is not controlling the size of the thumbnails BEFORE I set it to that number. How do i make that size setting retroactive? (This seems like a problem that shouldn't be happening....)

It's not an abnormality, Omeka can only create derivatives to specifications made at the time of uploading. Changing the thumbnail sizes of images you've alredy uploaded doesn't change the size of older files.

To do this, you will want to install the Image Resize plugin. The plugin allows you to resize all of the images in the collection to the new size constraints:

Thanks but I tried this and it threw my whole site offline. So I suppose that is not the answer. Unless there is a configuration issue I missed in the install of image resize.

What version of Omeka are you working in and what version of Image Resize did you install?

Thanks, Sheila. I'm using Omeka 2.0 and the latest ImageResize version which I downloaded was 1.0.

I apologize, dacb, I pointed you to the earlier version of the plugin, with a different name. The version that works with 2.0 is now called Derivative Images,

That would explain why Image Resize isn't working with 2.0.