site runs very slow and uploads fail with 500 server error

Hi I have an install of 2.1.4 on dreamhost. All goes well for a while then the site slows down and if I try to upload an item I get a 500 server error. I have got Dreamhost to reset the server and everything runs fine again for a while but then dies again. Dreamhost say that the server is stable and error log shows nothing after I activated reporting. Any ideas?

Could you tell more about what "a while" means? Are we looking at an hour, or a day? Are you ever able to upload any files at all?

My only other guess is that maybe if there are a lot of plugins running (more than 10, depending on which ones), that _could_ affect performance.

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

The site may be fine for a day and then has the same problem. I have to wait for 5mins for the 500 error to show. I did some checking and if I try going to the public page for the item there is a message saying that the original file 863a5b97474e956ab7b266a9b3019af0.pdf does not exist so it looks like its trying to assign a file name but crashing out.

I think its sorted now. I had to get Dreamhost to move me to a new appache server and so far its ok