Site doesn't load on mobile devices

Hello Folks
I was just made aware that our site, which for the time being can be found here doesn't load at all on mobile devices like iPhones, Android, iPads.
What could be the problem? Is there something that I have to do to enable mobile browsing functionality?
Thank You Much.

I get a timeout error on my laptop when I try to visit your site (both in firefox and chrome). Have you tried accessing it from off-site (or had a friend who lives in a different city try and open it on their computer)?

I tried a couple different networks and see that I can only access it from from one of the three I have access to . I know that they had some network changes to implement so maybe that is it.

The reason I had not checked this first was that we had just upgraded Omeka last week, so I thought it was an unexpected issue that popped up.

I will check it again later.
Thanks again.

Coincidental network issue confirmed. Thanks for the help. The team over there is awesome....