Site DEAD after Bluehost Update

Bluehost updated/compiled its Apache, Open SSL, and PHP. My site,, had been performing brilliantly using Omeka 1.0beta. Now, it's gibberish. I was told it was a server-side problem and nothing was wrong with my site. Now, I get this email:

"Secondly, after extensive troubleshooting with several techs and playing with similar sites and similar issues to nail down a few issues. First of all, the update we did to php seems to have broken pdo, which I have done. Now php no longer segfaults on page load, but it still dumps that garbage to the screen.

Tracing the execution of this problem shows the program looking for several files and directories that doesn't exist, including /Omeka, /include/Omeka, and a few others. At this time, the best course of action is to consult a programmer. Let us know if there's anything else we can assist with."

This is terrible. I have hundreds of hours into this site. I need help.

Is one of the work-arounds to move my site to Dreamhost? How is that working? Or another ISP that's Omeka-friendlier? Got any names?

follow the drama here:

To update those who stumbled across this thead, this was an error on Bluehost's end. The dev discussion documents what they said, and the solution: