Single.php and snippet by word count. (ExhibitBuilder)


I have featured exhibition on my front page and it shows only about 20 characters of the full description.

I noticed that in the file single.php there is this line <p><?php echo snippet_by_word_count(metadata($exhibit, 'description', array('no_escape' => true))); ?></p>

I found out that there are options for the snippet_by_word_count and I have been trying to use $MaxWords = 20 to change like $MaxWords = 300.

I have tried all I know. Could someone help and tell me how I can use this option to show the full description on the front page?


It sounds like you are looking at the single.php file from the ExhibitBuilder plugin's common directory?

If that's accurate (or also if it isn't), copy that file into your theme's folder, as {yourtheme}/exhibits/single.php.

Then, modify the line you are looking at to pass an a large value for $maxWords in that new file:

<p><?php echo snippet_by_word_count(metadata($exhibit, 'description', array('no_escape' => true)), 9000 ); ?></p>


Now it works like a charm. So big thanks to you!