simultaneous login with admin

Is there a conflict that happens when more than one person logs in with admin status? We had two colleagues trying to login today but only one could login properly. Is it best to have most users at contributor level. The two people in question here are archives personnel who may need a higher level of access.

Randal Baier

Could you be more specific about the problem your other user was having?

There shouldn't be any problem having multiple admin users logged in at the same time.

There should not be a problem. Do each of you have your own separate username and password?

How many simultaneous logins can you have with one username and password? The user is at admin level.

Pretty sure Omeka will only recognize one login/user in that situation.

A colleague mentioned working with a class of 15 students simultaneously logging in on the same username/password with admin privileges. I'm about to work with a class of 30+ so I wanted to confirm.

sorry - students in that class were at Contributor level. The faculty I'm working with want students to have admin privileges without having to create 30+ user accounts.

Well, one login/user with be always seen as the same user -- same permissions, ownership, etc. If you want to differentiate roles like Admin vs Contributor, they will all need to have separate accounts.

If they should all have admin privileges, you could create just one user for them all, I suppose, but that could lead to problems down the road, if you need to track individual work, or if someone accidentally clobbers data, for example.

It takes a little time, but different accounts for each student is probably a better route in the long term.

How can I track the work of individuals?

One in-development plugin from UCSC Libraries is History Log, which might fit some of your needs.