SimpleVocab Plugin to work with Files

Is it possible to make the SimpleVocab plugin work with not only generating controlled vocab for items, but also for file level metadata?

If it is possible, how do I enable that functionaility?

The plugin itself doesn't offer any way to do this, but the same functionality it uses should work just fine for editing Files in addition to Items.

You'd have to look at forking/editing the plugin to do this. In particular, the file libraries/SimpleVocab/Controller/Plugin/SelectFilter.php is where the actual filter that changes the input is attached, and it'd have to be changed to target 'File' instead of (or in addition to) 'Item'. In the same file, there's a list of routes where the plugin applies, and you'd have to add the files edit page to that list.

Hey John,
Thank you for your help. Got it all sorted. Seems to work great so far.