SimpleVocab element names translation

I installed the SimpleVocab plugin v1.3 on Omeka 1.5.3. I use Polish language translation for Omeka an I translated the SimpleVocab admin interface, modifying directly text in php files (there are no language files for the plugin so far). One thing that I can't translate are the names of metadata elements (displayed in the Element selection drop down list). Is there a way to translate them as well?

The next version of SimplePages will be internationalized, however it will only work with Omeka 2.0, which is due out within the next few months.

This is really great news!
But till this time I need to find a temporary solution. Can anybody advice how to make the metadata element names to show up translated?
I have some php programing background, but it will take more time for me to analyze somebody's code, especially I have no experience yet in Omeka plugin development.

Untested, but it should get you started:

It was really simple, and works OK for me!
Thanks a lot.