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Dear Omeka Support Team ,

i have a problem with search it's works when i have titles in English ,but if i have just arabic data it doesn't retrieve nothing where should i modify search.php to see arabic ?:S

Can you give an example of the kind of data and searches that aren't working for you?

We weren't able to reproduce any problem with searching for Arabic characters in quick informal testing just now, but it's possible that your real-world data behaves differently.

Hello john i would thank u that u are always replied on my posts , actually i will tell u the story of my omeka archive system.
Im designing an archiving system for sounds and due to the failure and difficulties that i had faced in importing the data using the import plugin i have disovered how the database is structured and i imported my data directly to my sql .

Now after the data has been upploaded on the system im trying to test the search functionality its working okay when im using advanced search but it dosent for a sample search please take a look on the below link : and test for a samle search on an arabic title .u will not able to retrieve anything.

I would thank u for all ur help

Some searches seem to work correctly, like "العودة"

Others are not, though. You said you manually inserted this data. Did you also update or run the re-index for the search index? The data for the site search is stored in a different table from the element data itself. When you add through Omeka, the search table is kept up-to-date automatically.

Yap i have manually inserted the data as the import plugin didnt work for me but actually i never update or run the re-index from where can i achieve that thank u for your appreciated help

Dear john after ur last post i go more deeper into the database and i doscovered that there is a table for search text that based on it omeka build the index for it's search i have filled it base on element-text table and now the search function is worked fine i would thank u for ur appteciated note.