Simple Pages

We have an OMEKA instance that will support four disparate collections and exhibits. We would like to use Simple Pages to create separate entry points to each collection and corresponding exhibit while omitting access and views of the other exhibits and collections. In other words, we would like to omit the overall Browse Items, Browse Collections, Browse Exhibits and feature each collection and corresponding exhibit separately. Is there a way to do this and are there any impediments in trying to use OMEKA in this way?

Are you using a 2.x version of Omeka? If so, you might find the documentation on Managing Navigation useful. It will walk you through how to add the Simple Pages to the Navigation and remove the browse pages.

Thank you so much!

I am trying to implement the navigation according to what I have just read in the documentation on Managing Navigation. However, although I can change the navigation label the program is not allowing me to change the link. Am I missing something or am I not understanding the procedure fully?

If you uncheck the boxes for Browse Exhibits, etc, that takes them out of the Nav. Once you publish your Simple Pages, they should show up in the navigation.

What link were you trying to change?