Simple Pages v3.0.5 PHP not working


Yesterday we upgraded to Omeka version 2.3, and also upgraded to Simple Pages version 3.0.5. We have a handful of Simple Pages that include PHP, but that code is no longer rendered. Even when creating a new page with a simple "echo" command, the main content of the page is blank, other than the title.

We're doing this using the plain text editor (not the rich text editor). Also, our configuration setting in Simple Pages for "Filter User Input For Page Content?" is unchecked.

If anyone out there has suggestions, I'd love to hear them!


For security reasons, directly inserting PHP in SimplePages was removed in Omeka 2.2. Instead, Simple Pages now support shortcodes. The built-in shortcodes catch the majority of use cases we have seen. If you need to build your own, follow the developer documentation for shortcodes.

Thanks Patrick...will give that a go.