Simple Pages Navigation


I am updating my theme to a customized version of foundation, and for simple pages that are under a parent page no navigation buttons are showing up from that parent page. It looks like part of the problem may be that the url generated does not include the parent page (about in this case):

Can you tell me what might be going wrong here?


that's all generally handled by public_nav_main() automatically. My first guess is to check the navigation settings under Appearance to make sure that the nesting is set up correctly there.

Hi Patrick,

Yes, I checked the navigation settings under appearance and everything is showing up correctly except the url, which goes straight from the homepage to the slug for the child page, with no parent page included. But the child pages are indented under the correct parent page on the admin dashboard.

Any other ideas?

Does your theme have an override for common/header.php that's different from what's in applications/views/common? If so, differences there are probably the first place to look. Is the code up publicly someplace?

I'm not sure--I will turn this over to the developer who is working on the custom theme! Thanks!