Simple Pages - Home page container size

Hi everyone,

Recently been fooling around with Simple Pages on my website. I've noticed that when adding a page titled "home" (exactly), the container for text/images/etc. is floating left and has smaller dimensions than if you were to add a page titled "resources" or even some other variation of "home" such as "home page".

Very odd. Because of this configuration, every time I add an image to the home page, it is the size of a thumbnail. Adding the same image to a different simple page, it shows up in its normal dimensions, being 600x480.

Any idea why this is, or how I can fix it? I'd like my home page to be the same as every other page, not floating left, just centered and the same size as the others.


Just a guess, but you probably have some css that's specific to a page with "home" as the title. So in your screen.css file there might be something like:
.container #home { width:100px; } If you are using Firefox, or Chrome, you can right click on the element of the webpage that is giving you styling issues, and click "Inspect Element" which will then allow you to see what line of css is relevant to that spot on your webpage.

Yes, I just went into style.css and found the area affecting the home page. However, I changed it, and it's still the same after I updated everything. Any other place something like this might be?

If it helps, I'm using the Seasons theme. Like I said, I've removed the code from style.css stating the width of the home page, which was:

#home #content > div {
    width: 66.10169%;
    float: right;
    margin-right: 0;
    *margin-left: -1em;
    display: inline;

Re-uploaded the fixed version with my ftp, but the width is still the same. On inspecting the page again, it looks as if the code stating the width is still there. So it must be in another part of coding as well. I also went through this to remove the breadcrumbs from simple pages. I had to remove it from 2 different places before they disappeared.

You mentioned when removing breadcrumbs from simple pages you had to remove code from two different places. Do you recall what they were? I've already removed the code from SimplePages/views/public/page/show.php as directed on this page:

I was curious where the second place was for you.