Simple Pages have disappeared


Since upgrading to 1.3, I have found that the simple pages I created have been deleted. The simple_pages_pages table has reverted to its default status with one sample record. All my records have been deleted.

I deactivated this plugin during the upgrade but did not uninstall it.

Any idea what happened?

Our systems administrator is going to try to reload the table simple_pages_pages. Are any other tables related to this plugin?


Hi willis,

I've tried reproducing this issue but cannot. Could you confirm the following:

* You deactivated the plugin BEFORE the upgrade.
* You went through the Omeka upgrade process fine, upgrading from a 1.2.x database that included the table for SimplePages, instead of installing from scratch. If you have a backup of the database, please confirm there is a simple_pages_pages table in the backup.
* You went to Admin > Settings > Plugins, and clicked an "Upgrade" button for SimplePages. If you deactivated the plugin, the SimplePages tab would not appear until you ran the upgrade script for the plugin itself. This button appears in place of the "Activate" plugin.

simple_pages_pages is the only table SimplePages creates, and where it stores data for pages.

It seems like one of the following could have happened:

* Someone uninstalled instead of deactivated the plugin, if someone else has access to the site. So far, this has been the only way I have been able to actually delete data in SimplePages, but there is a warning about removing data and a confirmation checkbox.
* You upgraded a database that did not include the table for SimplePages. Maybe you missed this table when doing a backup?

If you have more information, do let us know.



1) I did deactivate the plugin prior to the upgrade.
2) The upgrade appeared to go smoothly. There is a simple_pages_pages table in the backup.
3) From what you have said, it appears that I *must* have uninstalled instead of simply deactivated and upgraded...

If the table is restored, will these pages be accessible?

Thank you.

The pages should be accessible if you restore that table. You may need to click the 'Upgrade' button for the SimplePages plugin, since you'll be using a newer version of the plugin.