Simple Pages Configuration Toolbar


I don't have the option of the configuration toolbar (bold, italics, etc) when I add text in the Simple Pages plugin. Do I need to activate this somewhere? The option is available when adding Items.



The HTML editor tool bar isn't available in the Simple Pages plugin in the downloadable version. You can add in almost any code to this open text box, so it allows much more flexibility.

If you are working on an site, the Simple Pages plugin offers the HTML tool bar because in that service, users can only add simple HTML code.

Great, thanks for the clarity.

As a follow-on, is there a way for me to add the HTML tool bar to my Omeka installation, as I would like to hand the content-management over to someone who is not comfortable with HTML code?

It would require a couple small hacks to the SimplePages plugin, so when there is an update you would have to remember to re-make the changes.

I changed the SimplePages/views/admin/edit.php file to add so the top, just before the <h1>, looks like this.


$head = array('bodyclass' => 'simple-pages primary',
              'title' => html_escape(__('Simple Pages | Edit "%s"', simple_page('title'))));
echo js('tiny_mce/tiny_mce'); //loads the tinyMCE editor into the page
<script type='text/javascript'>
Omeka.wysiwyg(); //initializes the editor

Should do the trick, but I haven't tested across browsers. Also, this is in the most recent version of Omeka. If you are using an version lower than 1.5, there could be differences.


awesome, thanks for the hack.