Simple Pages broken in 1.5.3?

We upgraded to 1.5.3 and our Simple Pages no longer display in the homepage.
Text output from System information page -

In the Simple Pages settings where you edit a page, the box "Make this page the home page?" is checked, but doesn't work.

Our backup installation of Omeka 1.5.2, has no problems displaying the home page. That version of SimplePages was also 1.3.1. Here is system information for our 1.5.2 install -

Omeka 1.5.3's release notes says
The bundled Simple Pages plugin is updated to version 1.3.1. This fixes a bug that made some built-in admin pages inaccessible if a user created a simple page using the same slug.

I'm wondering if there is a problem with this version?

I don't see this problem with the newer SimplePages version.

When I go to your home page you linked to, I see that the Exhibit Builder is showing as the home page. Have you tried de-selecting the Exhibit Builder's config setting that makes it the home page?

'doh! That was easy. Thanks for your help John!

Glad to hear it.

We're doing some work now with Omeka 2.0 that should eliminate these kinds of conflicts by centralizing the "custom homepage" settings that are now spread across several plugins.