Simple Pages Breadcrumb Navigation

My simple pages breadcrumb nav is displaying my homepage as '0' without a link instead of 'Home' with a link. All the other pages are displaying properly, and I can't track down what's causing the issue.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be immensely appreciated.

Oops! Our bad. When we updated SimplePages for internationalization we introduced a bug.

If you open the /SimplePages/helpers/SimplePagesFunctions.php file and go to line 264, replace

$pageLinks[] = '<a href="'.uri('').'">' + __('Home') + '</a>';

with this

$pageLinks[] = '<a href="'.uri('').'">' . __('Home') . '</a>';

That should make it all better, and we'll have a new release out in the next few weeks when we release a bugfix version of Omeka.

Thanks for spotting the bug!

Thanks for the fix. I was looking at that line, but I couldn't figure out what was throwing the problem (still learning PHP). Glad I could help the project in some way!

I'm looking in my main directory for the "SimplePages" folder and I don't see it.

Is this file located in Application/views?
I'm using Omeka version 5.

Is there a way to remove the breadcrumb from simple pages?

SimplePages is a plugin bundled with Omeka, so it'll be in the plugins folder.

To make the breadcrumbs go away completely, look in the SimplePages/views/public/show.php file, and remove these lines:

<?php if (!simple_pages_is_home_page(get_current_simple_page())): ?>
<p id="simple-pages-breadcrumbs"><?php echo simple_pages_display_breadcrumbs(); ?></p>
<?php endif; ?>

Thanks so much! Yes, of course it should be in the plugins folder. Silly me. This worked great.

I'm still new to Omeka. Thanks for your patience!

No worries! Glad to help!