Simple page error.

I am adding a couple of pages that use html tables to a site with "simple pages plug in.

The problem I have is I need the text and pictures to align with the top of the table, I have the valign for the table set to top but it still centers the text located in the <td> tags.

I am guessing that it is the css coding that is overriding my table alignments. I am using the minimalist theme.

Where would I need to make the adjustment, I am new to css and have tried every idea I could think of.


None of our themes use tables to structure the display of elements in the pages, so most of the themes do not define styles for the <td> tag or other table tags. If you continue to use a table, you will have to define styles for all of the table elements in the screen.css file of the theme. We have default styles for common tags, but you can modify the CSS as you like.

First, you might want to take a quick look at some tutorials for using CSS, like this one :

Then, I recommend installing something similar to Firebug ( which inspects and "decode" the CSS and HTML in any web page while you are looking at it in your browser. It allows you to test edit the CSS (meaning changing are local, not saved in the css file) to see how those changes effect the presentation on the website.