Simple Page CSS

I am trying to figure out where the CSS code that defines the styles for my simple pages is located? I would like to change the way that the text is displayed, for example.

Let me add that this is very confusing. There is a css in my themes/minimalist folder. Then there is a css in my themes/default/css folder. Then there is another css in my application/views/scripts/css. Maybe you could help me by telling me then what is in what location.

Yes, there are lots of CSS files around in Omeka.

Each theme has its own CSS folder, but only your currently active theme's CSS will actually be applied to the site (so whether you're using Thanks, Roy or Minimalist will matter for which of those folders is the right one).

Your theme is usually where you should make your changes to CSS for any page. You can look at the HTML for a simple page to see what elements and classes you want to style.

Thanks. I am trying to figure out which file I need to modify (what do I need to do) so that my simple page title is not displayed when my simple page is called and displayed.

The element to aim for is the <h1>

<div id="primary">

so CSS like this should work (haven't tested):
body.simple-page div#primary > h1 {display: none;}

body.simple-page should make sure it only affect simple pages

Like John said, to know where to put it you'll need to look at the css file(s) for the theme you are using, often: YourTheme/css/style.css


Got it and thanks much!