"Simple Contact Form" plugin not working

I installed the Simple Contact Form plugin and have not been able to get it to work. I'm running Omeka 2.1.1 and using Simple Contact Form version 0.4 which is supposed to be compatible with Omeka 2.0. I have not made any modifications to the plugin code (though I have made modifications to the theme of the site). I'm using the seasons theme.

I have tried getting the form to work both with and without the ReCaptcha, have tried several different email addresses, different browsers... nothing seems to be working. Any ideas on how I can get this to work?

The form is here if it helps to see it: http://mccleerywolves.com/project/contact

Thanks so much!

Looks like any problem is fixed, because I am able to see your contact form, with Re Captcha, from the link you provided.

Sheila, thanks for the reply. I guess I wasn't clear about what the problem was - sorry!

The contact form and ReCaptcha display just fine, but the problem is that I don't receive any email with the message the user sends. I have sent many test emails to myself through the form, but they never come to my email. So I have no way of seeing the messages users send, or replying to them.

Ok, so this means you have filled in the form in the plugin's configuration settings?

Does the test user who fills out the form receive a "thank you" email (assuming you have filled in email text in the plugin's configuration settings)?

It is possible that there is a configuration in your server that isn't allowing Omeka to actually send the email, even though you have entered a forwarding email for the form contacts.

You may need to check with your host or administrator.

Sheila, I have filled in all of the configuration settings for the form. When I test the form, the test user does not receive a "thank you" email. I have checked my spam filters as well, and there are no such emails there.

Thank you for the suggestion. I have contacted my host and hope they can help. I use Dreamhost and wonder if anyone else has had this problem with them.

I contacted my host and there were two problems - one I've fixed and one I still need help with. I was using my Gmail address to configure the plugin, but Dreamhost's anti-spam policy blocks any emails which aren't sent from an email address hosted by Dreamhost. So I made a new email address with Dreamhost which works, and the "Thank you" email now goes through when a user fills out the form.

However, I am still not receiving the user's message, because when the form forwards the message to me, it creates the forwarded email as if it were sent from the user. I need to change that so that the forwarded message comes from MY email address and just SHOWS me the user's email as it would show the user's name and message. Dreamhost says this is something I need to ask about on the Omeka forums. I imagine this is something to do with the coding of the plugin but I looked through all of it and am not sure what I need to change.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!