Simile Timeline not displaying in Neatline

I have recently created a Neatline exhibit and downloaded and enabled the simile and waypoints widgets, both for the exhibit and for individual records. I indicate start and end dates for each record but there is no visible timeline at the bottom of the screen. What am I missing? Thanks

Hi NaaKoshie,

Have enabled Neatline SIMILE for the exhibit that you're using it on? You'll need to do that before you see the timeline.

See the section "Enabling SIMILE Timeline for an Exhibit" on Working with the SIMILE Timeline Plugin.


Hi Eric,
thanks for the response. Yes, as I indicated in my question, I have enabled SIMILE for the Neatline exhibit but I don't see the timeline. Any help? Thanks.

OK, thanks. I wasn't sure if you meant that you'd installed the plugin or had done that and enabled it in the exhibit.

Have you also enabled it on the items? If you go to the item's "Style" tab, you have to add it to the "Widgets" box. See for a screenshot.

That's also in the section "Adding an Item Record to the Timeline" on the page I referenced earlier.

Hi Eric, I am really not sure what is going wrong here. Let me try a short numbered list of everything I've done for more clarity:
1) Install SIMILE widget (check)
2) Enable widget in exhibit (check)
3) Enable widget in "Style" tab for every record (check)

Despite having done all these from the start my timeline never appeared. I am not having this problem with the other widget Waypoints. When I click on that in the plugins tab I get the option to change waypoint order. When I click on Simile nothing happens.

As I suspected SIMILE v. 2.0.2 is buggy. I deactivated it and installed the older version 2.0.1 and I see the timeline now. Sigh.

Hmm. Well.

I'll open up an issue for this and see if we can track it down.