Simile Timeline bulk importing

Importing a few hundred items into Neatline, primarily for use with Simile timeline. The items appear, but then the Simile widget needs to be enabled for each individual record.

Is there a way to bulk edit and enable the widget for all (Simile is enabled for the exhibit as a whole)?

You should be able to use this in the Style editor:

.all {
   widgets: Simile;

Thanks! One more question. CSV imports date to omeka item, but when imported to neatline the date field does not get pulled into simile's date start date field. Should the date get mapped to a different field in the import?

Also, when importing items from omeka, Neatline's hyperlink in the title field leaves off our local information (e.g. ""/items/browse" instead of "").

Therefore, clicking on any of the items on the timeline leads to an error rather than linking back to the item page in omeka.