Side by side layout

I'm trying to display an image of a document side by side with a transcription of the document, but I've been unable to get the layout to do this. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

It should be doable with some customization of the theme's item/show page and some CSS changes. If you post up a link to what you have so far we'll be able to offer better pointers.

I'm new to Omeka so I'm working in to prove it's a viable option before my institution will allow me to download the full version to our server. Here's the link:

I appreciate any help or suggestions! Thank you.

In you can't modify the themes, so that kind of layout won't be possible.

In general, questions are better sent to its contact form.

Thank you for the information.

I have encountered a similar problem in I'm trying to display two images side by side in a Neatline exhibit record linked to an Omeka item. Any suggestions? Thank you!