Showing more items on the collection homepage


In the Browse Collections section of my omeka site, I have a collection I created called "learn to read"...I would like to showcase all 7 languages on the main page instead of the 5 recently added items or the "items in the learn to read section" found at

How do I do that?

On that same page, I would like to embed a clickable picture. How do I find that page in my files so I can make the appropriate changes?

Also, is there any way I can remove "Dublin Core" from the beginning of all of the listed metadata?

You can make both those changes in the collections/show.php file within your theme's folder. If that file doesn't exist in your theme, you just need to copy over the file from the application/views/scripts directory.

As for the metadata and the "Dublin Core" header, you can make that change in the file items/item-metadata.php. That one's unlikely to already be in your theme. The same process applies, you copy it from its location in application/views/scripts into your theme, then edit it there.