Dear All,

Can Somebody Help me Urgent ,the collection can be shown for admin with it's attributes but it can't be shown from public site even these collections has been set as public.

thank you for your help

Can you give a link to the page that is not displaying correctly?

yap sure

Please follow the link below:

here the problem ,if i follow the same link from admin interface i have no problem thank you a lot for your help.

Dear patrickmj my main problem with omeka that it dosen't retrieve for me the error even i have followed this step Open the .htaccess file in the root of your Omeka installation, find the following line, and uncomment it (that is, remove the # sign):

# SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV development

that make the knowing of the error is very difficult
thank you

Could you try going through the steps described in the link in the error message to set up getting more info? That'll help us nail down what the cause might be.

Ah. That is a problem. Fortunately, the next bugfix release might solve that problem. Of course, that doesn't help right now.

Have you made any changes to the /collections/show.php file in your theme?

do you mean the show.php in this path /../omeka-2.0/application/views/scripts/collections/show.php

thank you for your help.

Either there, which is the default page to use, or some themes override that by having a collections/show.php page of their own.