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I'm using shortcodes on a Simple Page but it seems to only return 10 items from a collection of approx. 40 items. Is there a way around this? Also can we design the shortcode return page in a more structure table format instead of a long list of items?

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There's a "num" option for the items shortcode that limits the number of results. You should be able to set that to a higher number to get more results.

Is that possible to turn on paging on simple page?
What is the trick to return "all" items that fit the criteria in the shortcodes? ie: [items has_image=true]

Not sure about the paging but I had to put the following to have all 40 items: [items collection=1 num='40' size=square thumbnail]

Thanks nlemay...I know we can specify number of item, I have one collection with 182 items...that will be one long page. What I try to do here is to create a "front page" with a grouping "themes" of item. For example, "Photo Collection", when user click on it, it will return, items with image, these items could be from different collection. I could just tags those items, but if I can achieve it from shortcode, maybe that will be easier to do than have to tagging hundreds of items.

I know from item/browse you have paging:localhost/omeka/items/browse?collection=8

but that's only work with single collection. I wonder if you can do sililar thing with more than 1 collection??

There's not really a way to put pagination into the shortcode, but depending on what variations on your example you need, you might be able to do this with the navigation settings. You could, for example, but a new link in the navigation to


to make an items browse page filtered by whether it has an image. That would put in the usual pagination.

Most of the options for shortcodes can also be used the same way.

More complex queries are possible, but will lead us into much more complicated territory.

Thank you so much Patrick, that exactly what I need ;)