Shortcodes and item specific metadata

Hi there,

I recently started to play with shortcodes, but I am not sure whether I got the precise connection between a shortcode's definition in application\views\helpers\Shortcodes.php and the actual output of the Simple Page right.

I added on a Simple page:

[items num=0 collection=10 sort="Dublin Core,Title" order=a]

As such it works very well, but the idea is to manipulating the output in a way that not only the item's title, but also a field from the metadata (either from Dublin Core or preferably from an item type specific field) is displayed next or below it. Thus far I added a variable in [OMEKA_ROOT]\application\views\scripts\items\single.php:

$meta = metadata($item, array('Item Type Metadata', 'crucialinformation'), array('snippet' => 50));

And let print its content if it is set:

<?php if ($meta): ?>
<p class="item-description"><?php echo $meta; ?></p>
<?php endif; ?>

Is that a/the preferable way to do it, or can one implement such feature in a shortcode as well?


That's probably the best way at it, with the exception that it would be better to copy the single.php file from the core into your theme's items/ folder, then make the changes there.

Oh okay, I see. Thank you for the feedback!