Shortcode to return a particular collection

Shortcodes look to be a very useful addition to the system, but I find it odd that there doesn't seem to be a shortcode that returns a particular collection, based on ID. Is the documentation lacking, or does such a thing really not exist?

It looks like that's correct, we don't have id as one of the options. We'll look into it for future versions.

I just stumbled into this same unexpected difference from the way the [items ] shortcode operates. Piping up for this feature as well. Thanks for all the great work!

The collections shortcode has supported an ids parameter since Omeka 2.2.2.

It looks like the documentation probably needs to be updated to reflect that, though.

Thanks, John! Yeah, I didn't see it in the docs, and then I must I must have also been messing up the shortcode. It is working for me now (I have 2.2.2).