Shortcode Carousel documentation error?

I'm creating SimplePages to use instead of the default collection description pages, in part because I want to add a carousel viewer to each page.

The Codex page on Shortcakes ( states that "The same options available for the Items shortcode are available for the carousel, with the exception that has_image is always assumed to be true."

However, I have not been able to limit the carousel items to a single collection using the syntax [carousel collection=#]. Is this an error in the documentation or a bug in the carousel plugin?

Also note that the "More info" link from the ShortcodeCarousel plugin page takes me to a page that says "There is currently no text in this page" ( It would be helpful to at least add a link to to the Shortcode Documentation on this page.

Thank you for the heads up - I've added a redirect for the ShortcodeCarousel More Info page, and am looking into the issue with collections.

Another problem I found is that some images show up as square thumbnails and some full size. I cannot figure out what triggers this behaviour