Shared Shelf file size limit

I'm working with the Shared Shelf Link plugin and am unable to import tif files at more than 1024 KB even after selecting "unlimited" within ARTstor. Does anyone know if this limit is part of the plugin that can be changed?

I'm not specifically familiar with SharedShelf, but does it "push" out files into the Omeka installation? If so, it might just be hitting the same limits that you'd hit when doing a regular upload.

What does Omeka say the limit for uploaded files is? (We report this on the Files tab of the Add Item page.) The limit Omeka reports is just based off of the server's PHP settings (upload_max_filesize and post_max_size).

Ah, my file size limit is 2MB.

Also, ARTStor reports there's a limit on their end that's scheduled to be addressed in the next full release of Shared Shelf (1.3) this summer.

Thank you for your help!!