Setup question - Dropbox / CSV import

I am in the middle of deploying an omeka installation and have been getting ready to do the big dump and am wondering if I have an installation issue. Does the CSV import talk to the Dropbox plugin or am I just remembering things wrong. I swore when I was first running this on another server that I could upload my directory of images to the dropbox/files folder and point the csv importer to those files. When I load up my new csv file with my image names that are stored in the dropbox directory there is no dropbox tab that shows up. I am pretty certain that phpcli is running as ImageMagic is creating derivative images. Any insight?

csv import - 2.0.2
Dropbox - 0.7.2

ok I think I found the commit that handles this. So I should be able to upload via a filepath, correct?

Well it did apear that there was a more recent version then the one posted to the site on github, but I am still unable to get this to talk. I am now on 2.1-full

So now I am pretty sure I am having difficulties with my file paths. If I include a file path where is it's directory that it will be looking? Is this going to be pointed directly at the csv plugin's root or the site root?


You can't upload files from local path (see ).

My fork of CsvImport can import them, but I don't check it with Dropbox.


Daniel Berthereau
Infodoc & Knowledge management

Hey I think im using your plugin now and I managed to get it all uploaded, just a bit more cumbersome then I had imagined. I did just end up sharing a public folder on my server and provided the full path in the csv. Thanks so much for this, it should do the trick!