Settings page blank after update

I had no errors when I updated to 1.1. Everything seems ok but When I try to go to General Settings or select Settings at the top, I get a blank white page. If I am at the Dashboard, I can select everything but general settings.

Any ideas?

I'm on a MacBook running Leopard.

A few of us here at CHNM run Omeka on locally on our MacBooks and haven't had any problems with 1.1. What versions of PHP and MySQL are you running?

If you get a blank white screen, you should try enabling display of errors and let us know what kind of error you are getting:

We were having a similar problem after I upgraded our server with the white page of death in random admin locations. Including the general settings page. In our case, it turned out to be too low of a value for the memory_limit in the php.ini file. The default was 16M. I bumped it up to 64M (just to be safe), and no more white pages.

I should specify it was the server I upgraded (Ubuntu 9.4 to 9.10) we had been running Omeka 1.1 already, but the Ubuntu server upgrade overwrote my customized php.ini file. Had I been paying attention during the upgrade, I probably would have caught that earlier.

Glad things worked out, BJ. It's helpful to hear that someone else ran into this, but was able to easily solve their problem.