Set up on window xp ok but can't set up ImageMagic


How are you? Please help me solving the problem.

I'd set up Omeka and ImageMagic in my PC. Omeka was working will, until I tryed to upload a picture. I tryed to set up the field "The Path to convert" in at lest 300 different settings, but there are still errors. The error message reads always:"ImageMagick is not properly configured. Please check your settings and then try again."

The Environment of my pc:
Windows XP OS
Apache Web Server Version 2.2.8
PHP Script Language Version 5.2.6
MySQL Database Version 5.0.51b

Please let me know if there is a solution, Or omeka just can't work on xp os(though it works will without imagemagic!)



PS: I'd tryed ImageMagic, it functions will.

While the current release of Omeka isn't designed to run on windows, the problem relates to seems to indicate that you do not have ImageMagick installed.

The following page has a binary file to install it:

Let me know how that works out, and if you hack out a solution for properly running Omeka on Windows (LAMP is a stated requirement), please share on the developer group:

Hi DaveLester,

Thanks for your quick response.

The Imagemagick did installed and functioned will. Anyway, I down load and try again in DOS:
convert logo: logo.gif
identify logo.gif
imdisplay logo.gif

The Imagemagick functioning will.

I know that I can't set the path as unix os do xx/xx/xx.

I tryed 2 ways:
1."C:\AppServ\www\ImageMagick-6.4.9-Q16\convert" and the like;
2. "http://localhost/ImageMagick-6.4.9-Q16/"and the like.

What should I set the path for ImageMagick.

Thanks and Regards,