Set an item type and its elements load automatically as the default for Item Typ

The Omeka site I am modifying for other users will just have one Item Type (a new one added to their Omeka CMS). I would like for the workflow to be that after they enter the Dublin Core information, they click the Item Type Metadata tab and the new Item Type auto loads with its elements instead of the user having to select the Item Type from the dropdown first.

I am a web developer with much CMS experience so making this type of functionality "behind the scenes" is easy for me but I did not know if the Omeka admin can already do this (my searching forums and documentation hasn't found anything yet).

I am using the current version 2 of Omeka.


I think you can probably do this by adding a little Javascript to the admin edit views. You could create a simple plugin and place in plugin.php something like the following:

add_plugin_hook('admin_footer', 'my_script');

function my_script(){
     // do something...