Hello all,

I am looking into software for the creation of online exhibits. My organization doesn't have a server, and we are very small and can't afford to pay for Is there any way to download the free version to one computer? Are there any other options? We have a Drupal website, but from what I have seen the two don't work together. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

We have posted some hosting suggestions:

If you want the websites visible on the web, you need to run it on a live web server, not on a local computer. Now, a computer can be converted into a basic LAMP server, but I'm not sure you're interested in doing that.

Omeka and Drupal are two different content management system software packages. They don't work together, even though they are both used to build websites.

Do you know how are you running the Drupal site? It requires a server, and may or may not be on Linux server. If it is running on Linux, then you could also run Omeka on that same server--to create a new website.

Thank you very much. After doing a little digging it appears that we have a web server, Host Monster, and we do use LAMP. I don't know much about it though. We had an IT volunteer who set everything up and we are now looking for a professional to take things over. If you have any suggestions that would be great, and I'll see if I can contact someone at HostMonster. Thanks!